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The Cambria CSD Fire Department is located on Burton Street near

Highway 1.

Cambria is at Extreme Risk for a Wildland Fire

With many homes and businesses surrounded by trees and brush, Cambria is at high risk for a wildland fire. All it takes is the right combination of weather and carelessness (or arson) for a small fire to erupt into a major wildland fire that could destroy beautiful Cambria. To ensure that Cambrians have the best chance to evacuate in a major fire event, we are providing detailed evacuation information in the following web pages. 

Please review all the material carefully, print it out with the evacuation maps, and develop your own personal evacuation plan. The peace of mind that will come from knowing you're prepared will give you, your loved ones, and pets the greatest opportunity to survive a major fire.

For additional information, contact the Cambria Fire Department at 805-927-6240.