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Fuel Reduction Program - Vegetation Control


Fire Hazard Fuel Reduction

Reducing flammable vegetation on your property is the single most important thing you can do to prevent a wildland fire in Cambria. The Fire Department conducts a Fuel Reduction Program annually for homeowners and businesses. Click here to view the 2016 Notice to Destroy Weeds And/Or Debris. 

For information, please contact Chief William Hollingsworth, at 805-927-6240 or via email at

The Fire Hazard Fuel Reduction Proposals/Bid Requirements are an annual event. Proposals will be posted at the appropriate time.

Vegetation Control

Following are important tips in reducing vegetation to minimize fire risk to your home or business:

  • Remove dead vegetation from the exterior of your home. In a flat area, there should be a minimum 30-foot clearance; in a steep or hilly area, 50 to 300 feet of clearance is necessary.
  • Oil/resin filled plants such as Coyote Brush and Scotch or Irish Broom burn as if they're soaked in kerosene. They should be reduced or eliminated. Contact your nursery staff for a list of fire resistive plants.
  • All trees over 20 feet in height should be limbed 6 feet up from the ground.
  • Ground debris, grass, and other plants should be trimmed to a maximum of 4 inches. These should be disposed of by chipping or hauled to a greenwaste facility.
  • Clear roofs and rain gutters of dead vegetation.
  • Place wood piles away from your home or business. Cover them with a heavy cotton tarp.
  • Create a minimum 10-foot clearance around the wire from the electrical pole to your home.
  • Place a 1/4 inch mesh spark arrestor around chimneys and clear tree limbs from within 10 feet. This will reduce the chance of burning embers from your chimney escaping and igniting a wildfire or a neighbor's home.
  • Ensure all fuel containers or propane tanks have a minimum 10-foot fuel break around them.