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Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Commission


Serving the Community Since 1992

The Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Commission (PROS) was formed in 1992 as a volunteer community organization to identify parks, recreation and open space needs in Cambria. It advises the CCSD Board of Directors on policy issues. In 1994, a Master Plan was developed establishing the community's priorities for parks, recreation and open space in Cambria. PROS has participated in the acquisition and management planning process for the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve and other key projects.

Current PROS Commissioners 
Chair Steve Kniffen, Adolph Atencio, Joyce Renshaw, Tim Roche, and Stanley Cooper

PROS Commissioner Alternates
Teri Lord and Kermit Johansson  

Mission Statement

In the belief that open space and recreational opportunities in a community add to the quality of life for families, groups and individuals, the PROS Commission is committed to promoting actions and securing means to create, enhance and sustain public parks, trails, open space and recreational activities for Cambria.

Meeting Schedule

PROS Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at Veterans Memorial Building (located at 1000 Main St). The 2017 meeting schedule can be found by clicking here.

Agendas and Minutes

Agendas are posted in advance of meetings. Minutes are available for public review at meetings or after final approval by PROS Commission. Copies of agendas and minutes may be obtained by attending the meetings or submitting a public record request for specific document.

2017 Agendas:
Reg Mtg Agenda January 3, 2017
Reg Mtg Agenda February 7, 2017
Reg Mtg Agenda March 7, 2017

2016 Agendas:

Reg Mtg Agenda January 5, 2016

Reg Mtg Agenda February 2, 2016
Reg Mtg Agenda March 1, 2016 Corrected
Reg Mtg Agenda April 5, 2016
Reg Mtg Agenda May 3, 2016
Notice of Location Change for Meetings on 6/7 & 11/1
Reg Mtg Agenda June 7, 2016
Reg Mtg Agenda July 5, 2016
Reg Mtg Agenda August 2, 2016
Reg Mtg Agenda September 6, 2016
Reg Mtg Agenda October 4, 2016
Special Mtg Agenda October 26, 2016
Reg Mtg Agenda November 1, 2016
Reg Mtg Agenda December 6, 2016 

2015 Agendas:

Reg Mtg Agenda December 1, 2015
Reg Mtg Agenda November 3, 2015
Reg Mtg Agenda October 6 2015
Reg Mtg Agenda September 8 2015
Reg Mtg Agenda August 4 2015
Reg Mtg Agenda July 7 2015
Reg Mtg REVISED Agenda June 2 2015
Reg Mtg Agenda May 5 2015
Reg Mtg Agenda April 7 2015
Special Meeting Agenda Packet March 10, 2015
Special Meeting Agenda March 10, 2015

Reg Mtg Agenda March, 3 2015
PROS Notice of Cancellation for Meeting on February 3, 2015
Reg Mtg Agenda January 6, 2015

Master Plan

A Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Master Plan was adopted by the CCSD Board of Directors on November 21, 1994. This Plan was based on community input and will be administered by the CCSD. The Master Plan identifies:
  • Park, Recreation and Open Space projects
  • Management and maintenance objectives
  • Funding sources
  • Criteria for acquisition projects