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Urban Water Management Plan


Cambria's Urban Water Management Plan responds to the Urban Water Management Planning Act, Water Code Sections 10610 through 10656 as amended.  Besides meeting state-mandated requirements, the Urban Water Management Plan Updates provide a summary of the CCSD's water supply planning.  The 2015 Urban Water Management Plan shown below is tentatively scheduled for Public Hearing during the December 15, 2016 CCSD Board Meeting at 12:30 PM, Cambria Veterans Memorial Building, 1000 Main Street, Cambria, CA.
CCSD 2015 Urban Water Management Plan Update
         Appendix A - UWMP Checklist
         Appendix B - Public Notice of UWMP Hearing
         Appendix C - DWR Bulletin 118
         Appendix D - Groundwater Diversion Permits
         Appendix E - SB X7-7 Verification Form
         Appendix F - RWQCB Waste Discharge Order 01-100, December 7, 2001
         Appendix G - Demand & Passive Savings Methodology
         Appendix H - CCSD Groundwater Management Plan
         Appendix I - CCSD Task 3: Recycled Water Distribution System Master Plan
         Appendix J - CCSD Code Title 4 Water Systems
         Appendix K - Water Audit Method
         Appendix L - Adoption Resolution
         Appendix M - Documentation of 2015 UWMP Submittal
         Appendix N - Project Contact List

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