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Water Wait List

The waiting list for new water and sewer hookups was established in 1986. The list was closed to new applications on December 31, 1990 in cooperation with the County's 1990 Growth Management Ordinance, which limited all new countywide growth to 2.3% annually. Due to concerns about Cambria's water availability, the County reduced Cambria's growth limit to 1% in 2000. The current growth rate for the County is at 0%.

Below are the current residential, commercial and multi-family wait lists.  For more information, please contact the Water Conservation officer at 805-927-6223.
The information provided below represents those properties on the CCSD wait list as of 12/7/2016.
Intent To Serve Letters

An Intent to Serve Letter is part of the water hookup process. It states that the CCSD will provide water and sewer service to a residential or commercial building project if there is sufficient water, if fees are paid on time, and if all steps are completed satisfactorily. However, Intent to Serve Letters issued prior to November of 2001 will be honored by the CCSD.
If you currently have an intent to serve letter and need an extension, please complete the Intent to Serve Letter Extension Application.
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