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Water Operations
Water Operations
Wastewater Operations
Water Quality
Water Permits
Well Levels
Water Master Plan
Urban Water Plan
Groundwater Management Plan
CCSD Water and Wastewater

Santa Rosa Creek

Well Level Reports

Santa Rosa Creek Well Level Chart 2016

San Simeon Creek Well Level Chart 2016/2017 Min-Max

San Simeon Creek Well Last 5 years 

Water Production Report

Well Levels 10/11/16

Well Levels 10/17/16

Well Levels 10/31/16

Well Levels 11/14/16

Well Levels 12/5/16

Well Levels 12/19/16

Well Levels 1/3/17

Well Levels 1/17/17

Well Levels 1/30/17

Well Levels 2/13/17

Well Levels 2/27/17

Well Levels 3/13/17

Percentage of Water Loss
2016 Percentage of Water Loss

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