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Administration Overview

The CCSD is comprised of five divisions: Administration, Facilities & Resources, Fire, Wastewater, Water, and Parks, Recreation and Open Space.

The Executive Division is under the direction of the General Manager who supervises the activities of the other divisions and reports to the CCSD Board of Directors. CCSD's organizational chart is below.

CCSD Organizational Chart
  • The Administrative Division includes accounts payable, accounts receivable, utility billing, finance, human resources, district clerk, payroll, remodels, permits, parks, recreation and open space, as well as all administrative functions.
  • The Fire and Safety Division provides fire protection and prevention, emergency medical services, training, public education, and building inspections.
  • The Utilities Division manages the services of the Water/Wastewater Departments, and the Advanced Treatment Plant.
  • The Facilities & Resources Division includes upkeep and maintenance of Cambria, including Fiscalini Ranch, the Veterans' Hall, Public Restrooms, and all other CCSD owned properties.
  • The department’s main function is to manage all CCSD parks and recreation facilities and properties. This includes coordination of all issues relating to the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve Management Plan and the development of a community park on the East Fiscalini Ranch Preserve.

CCSD General Manager directs the activities of the Administrative Services Officer/District Clerk, Deputy District Clerk, Fire Chief, Utilities Department Manager/District Engineer, Management Analyst, Finance Manager, Finance Specialist and Administrative Technicians.