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Bilingual Premium Pay

The District, in its discretion, may designate a certain number of bargaining unit employees who will be called upon to speak, translate, read or write in Spanish as part of his/her regular duties. Such circumstance(s) will not be interpreted as the employee working out of his/her classification.

The General Manager, or his/her designee, within his/her discretion, will determine the number of employees assigned and which eligible employees will be offered and/or retain a bilingual designation.

Eligible employees, as defined below, who receive a bilingual assignment will receive bilingual premium pay in the amount of twenty-five ($25) dollars per pay period for all pay periods actually worked.

Employees must pass a proficiency test as determined appropriate by the District.  The proficiency test may measure, among other skills, an employee’s ability to communicate, read, or write, fluently, directly, and accurately in both English and Spanish.

The District, in its discretion, may re-test employees’ proficiency to determine continued eligibility for a bilingual designation.

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