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Emergency Response

The Cambria Fire Department works with other local agencies to ensure a team approach to emergency medical care in Cambria. When someone calls 911, they benefit from a mutual aid agreement that brings assistance from the Cambria Fire Department, Cal Fire and Cambria Community Healthcare District. This coverage allows a 4-minute emergency response time to any location, greater than 90 percent of the time, within the CCSD service area and ensures that the special needs of Cambria residents are addressed in the most efficient manner. Cambria Community Healthcare District personnel provides continued treatment and transport to definitive hospital care.

The Cambria Fire Department maintains daily Advanced Life Support paramedics, is up-to-date on emergency response procedures, and is equipped with oxygen, EKG’s, medication and other advanced life support equipment. The Fire Department’s trained personnel can help stabilize an individual with medical or traumatic emergencies.

In an area-wide emergency, assistance is provided by: Cal Fire, San Luis Obispo County Fire Department, Morro Bay Fire Department, Paso Robles County Fire Station & State of California (for fires burning for extended periods).

Response Capabilities with Four Emergency Personnel

  • Place a 24’ ladder
  • Climb ladder
  • Effect rescue of ladder (out of window/balcony)
  • Vertically ventilate roof
  • Perform horizontal ventilation
  • Go interior on a structure fire; no known rescue
  • Deploy 200’ of 1 ¾” or 2” to exterior of structure
  • Deploy 2.5” to hotel bundles
  • Deploy 1.75” hose line interior
  • Deploy 2.5” hose line
  • Deploy 2.5” to hotel coil
  • Vehicle fire
  • 1000’ progressive hose lay
  • Structure protection
  • Fireline construction in chains (66’) per hour in short grass (35)
  • Mobile attack
  • Water tender response
  • Strike team response out of county/in county
  • Compressions for CPR
  • Manage airway
  • Ventilate patient
  • High performance CPR (protocol)
  • Safely lifting/moving a 200 lb. patient up/down narrow stairs/or out of other steep or confined situations
  • Log rolling/moving patient with a cervical/spinal injury
  • Medical aid involves assessment, vitals, charting, extrication, medications, treatment
  • Launch boat – Leffingwell/San Simeon
  • Lower rescuer & set up system for high angle rescue
  • Swiftwater rescue – setting up a tensioned diagonal
  • Auto extrication – cut & remove trapped victim from vehicle
  • Emergency decon of hazmat victim
  • Lift & crib heavy object off victim (airbags)
  • Active shooter/MCI response
  • Lift assist (non-injury)
  • Smoke detector (vaulted ceilings)
  • Lock out
  • Land search
  • Animal in tree/on roof
  • LPG leak
  • Downed power lines
  • Tree down in road
  • Incident command


Cambria Fire Department Seal Rescue 7/1/2019

Cambria Fire Department Burton Drive Fire 8/1/2020

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