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Fire and Safety 

The Cambria CSD Fire Department has upgraded its staff, equipment and facilities substantially to provide the highest level of fire protection possible to Cambria residents. Following are the enhancements and programs currently in place or underway at the Department.

  • Increased water storage
  • Additional staff firefighters to meet government safety recommendations
  • Increased water main size to deliver more water
  • Construction of all new buildings and remodels with non-combustible materials
  • Expansion of the Fire Hazard Fuel Reduction program
  • A minimum of three trained fire personnel are on duty at the CCSD Fire Department 24/7

Department Background and History

The CCSD Fire Department has come a long way since its humble beginnings as the Hope Fire Company in 1877. 

The Cambria CSD Fire Station is located at 2850 Burton Drive, providing excellent emergency access. The Department provides a range of round-the-clock fire protection, prevention, rescue and emergency medical services to the community of Cambria. It also provides training and public education programs, building safety inspections and a major fuel hazard reduction program. Read on and learn about the dedicated fire professionals and the services they provide to Cambria. 

In an emergency, call 911.