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Grievance Procedure

A. Purpose: The purpose of the grievance process is to provide an avenue of communication through which an employee or groups of employees may have their complaint heard and decided in an orderly and fair manner. An employee or an employee group may be represented, by their exclusive representative, in their dealings with the District under this Article.

B. Definition of Grievance: A grievance is a complaint of an employee or group of employees concerning the interpretation or application of:

  1. The administration of the conditions of employment, including job description, salary, and benefits in force between the District and the employee.
  2. Working conditions within the control of the Manager, including the District's Policies, Procedures and Rules, and for which no other procedures for orderly solution of such complaints exist.

C. Informal Discussion: Any employee, or group of employees, shall first discuss the alleged grievance with the immediate supervisor within twelve (12) working days of the event comprising the alleged grievance. If the employee is still dissatisfied with the supervisor's solution to the complaint, the grievance may be presented into the grievance procedure.

Procedure: The grievance procedure shall be as follows:

  1. If a complaint or grievance has not been resolved at the informal discussion stage, the grievant may submit his/her complaint in writing to the Manager within five (5) working days of the informal discussion. Within ten (10) working days of receipt of such grievance, the Manager shall investigate and provide a written response to the grievance.
  2. If, within five (5) working days of receipt of the Manager's written response to the grievance, the employee is still dissatisfied with the resolution proposed, the employee may appeal in writing to the Manager for a hearing before the District Board. The Manager, upon receipt of the written appeal to the Board shall schedule an executive closed session of the Board (unless the appellant requests in writing an open session). The session may be at the Board's next regular meeting, or at any time within 30 working days of the Manager's receipt of the written appeal to the Board. The employee may present his opinion and present facts to the Board and the Board shall hear District evidence and the recommendation of the Manager. The Board may continue the hearing if this is deemed necessary. The Board shall render its decision within thirty (30) working days from the close of the hearing. The Board's decision shall be final.
Employee Grievance Form
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