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Health Benefits

A. In the event that legislation is passed allowing for local PERS agencies to reduce contributions for retiree health insurance coverage, all employees retiring after the effective date of such legislation shall be provided health insurance coverage at the same ratio as current employees. Employees retiring prior to such legislation shall have insurance coverage as currently provided.

B. For all regular employees working full time, the District will pay 85% of the premiums currently in effect for employee and dependent coverage for the lowest cost plan available to District employees offered through the PERS system However, the District shall have the unilateral discretion to provide a higher level plan. The District payment is inclusive of the PERS minimum health contribution. The balance of the total District contribution is a cafeteria like plan contribution. In the event an employee elects a higher cost coverage, the employee shall pay the increased cost for that plan. District premium payments apply to retirees and their dependents as applied to active employees and their dependents for employees/retirees hired before October 1, 2012. 

C. Employees hired after October 1, 2012, shall be eligible to receive retiree health contributions in an amount equal to PERS minimum health contributions only.


(i) Regular employees, after completion of their probationary period, shall be eligible for the Health Care Reimbursement Program. 

Eligible employees shall receive a credit of $1300 in the approved program for eligible reimbursable costs January 1st each year. This program shall be administered by an approved third-party provider and shall conform to all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

(ii) Probationary employees shall become eligible for this benefit upon the successful completion of their probation. The benefit is pro-rated for new employees and is not retroactive.  It takes effect with the next full pay period after passing probation. Employer contributions are $50 per pay period for the remaining periods in the calendar year after passing probation.  Reinstated employees would be covered by this section.

Promotional probationary employees are not subject to the same guidelines as new probationary employees. Promotional probationary employees are covered under paragraph (i) above as a regular employee.

(iii) Part-time employees hired after July 1st 2006 are eligible for a pro-rated portion of the benefit. For example, half-time employees will be eligible for $25 per pay period after successfully passing probation. Non-probationary half-time employees are eligible for $650 on January 1st. Full-time employees who convert to a part-time schedule will also have this benefit pro-rated based on their average hourly work schedule.

(iv) Retired Employees

Retirees who qualify for this benefit: 

  • The benefit extends into retirement for existing Union employees (as of July 1st 2006) and the benefit extends to employees who retired between July 1st 2004 and June 30th 2006.

Retirees who do not qualify for this benefit:

  • Employees hired on or after July 1st 2006 will not be eligible for this benefit after separation from the CCSD whether through retirement, voluntary separation, or any other means.
  • The benefit does not extend into retirement if the employee did not retire from the CCSD but retires from another agency.
  • This benefit does not extend to people who retired before July 1st 2004 – as the benefit did not exist for retirees before July 1st 2004.
  • Upon the death of the retired employee, this benefit does not extend to the spouse of the retired employee.
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