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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

For all regular employees working full-time, the District will pay 85% of the premiums currently in effect for employee and dependent coverage for the lowest cost plan available to District employees offered through CalPERS. However, the District shall have the unilateral discretion to provide a higher level plan. The District payment is inclusive of the CalPERS minimum health contribution (current amount). The balance of the total District contribution is a cafeteria like plan contribution. In the event an employee elects a higher cost coverage, the employee shall pay the increased cost for that plan. District premium payments apply to retirees and their dependents as applied to active employees and their dependents for employees/retirees hired before October 1, 2012. 

Employees hired after October 1, 2012, shall be eligible to receive retiree health contributions in an amount equal to the CalPERS minimum health contribution only.

Health Insurance Premium Rates

SEIU/IAFF/MCE Health Insurance Premium RatesSalary Redirection Agreement

For more information regarding CalPERS insurance, please review the documents below.

Health Insurance General InformationHealth Benefits Plan Enrollment Form HBD-122020 Health Benefit SummaryHealth Program Guide