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Layoff & Reinstatement Policy


When, in the judgment of the Board, it becomes necessary to make a reduction in the workforce, said reduction shall be accomplished through attrition. If a reduction in the workforce is necessary, layoffs shall be based on seniority within the classification targeted for elimination whenever possible. The District shall provide thirty (30) days written notice to the employee(s) affected. Employees subject to layoff shall be eligible to voluntarily demote to a lower classification based on seniority in the lower classification. Reinstatement from layoff shall be based on seniority in the classification where the vacancy occurs. Eligibility for reinstatement by an employee laid off shall be for a period of twenty-four (24) months from the date of the layoff.


When a covered employee accepts a promotion or reassignment within covered classifications and fails to successfully complete the probationary period for that new promotion or assignment, the affected employee shall have the right to return to the previously held classification, or its replacement if applicable, subject to seniority with the District, based on the employee’s original date of hire.


A former covered employee who has separated from his/her employment with the District in good standing may request reinstatement to his/her previously held position with the District within three years (36 months) of such severance. Under these conditions, reinstatement may be granted by the General Manager, provided there is a vacancy in the previously held classification at the time of the request. If reinstatement is granted, the reinstated employee shall be assigned a new date of hire (the reinstatement date) for seniority purposes, and as allowed by law, shall have leave accruals established at the rates in place at the time of the termination in good standing. The health care reimbursement program shall be based upon the new hire date as defined in Article 30C of the MOU. Such reinstated employee shall serve the typical probationary period for the classification filled through reinstatement.

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