Our Mission

As an independent special district, the goal of the Cambria Community Services District is to provide high quality water, wastewater, fire and other community services to its customers in a safe, cost effective and environmentally sensitive manner. Below is an overview on the CCSD, its objectives and other important information.

In the delivery of services, we strive to provide our customers with a high degree of satisfaction. We are also committed to conserving and protecting Cambria’s water and other precious resources. In addition, we endeavor to retain top level employees and create a rewarding work environment that enhances employee performance resulting in superior service to our customers.


What is now called Cambria Community Services District was formerly Cambria Water District which was formed in 1967. Cambria Water District provided sewer services to the community. In 1976, Cambria Community Services District was formed. This facilitated the expansion of CCSD services to include water, wastewater, fire protection, lighting, refuse, and Parks, Recreation, and Open Space. The CCSD is governed by a five-member board of directors elected by Cambria voters for four-year overlapping terms.

Special Districts

A special district is a very basic form of local governments, special to the state of California. There are approximately 2,300 independent special districts in California. When residents or landowners want new services or higher levels of existing services, they can form a special district to pay for and administer them.

The Cambria Community Services District is primarily funded by utility fees augmented by a small amount of property tax revenue. Today, there are three independent special districts in Cambria: The Cambria Community Services District, Cambria Healthcare District, and Cambria Cemetery District.