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Standby Pay

Certain employees will be required to be on standby for rapid response to District operational problems or emergencies after hours, weekends or holidays. Such standby duty will normally be rotated among employees in a department, as determined by the Department Manager. Standby duty is normally assigned for one week at a time, thus requiring standby outside of duty hours on 5 weekdays plus standby on 2 weekend days. Effective upon ratification, for each day's standby assignment an employee will be paid $50.00 per day. The $50.00 is a flat daily stipend and is not subject to overtime calculations.

This is in addition to the employee's pay for regular duty work schedule and is also in addition to any overtime actually worked. Thus, if an employee on standby must respond to a problem that results in time actually worked in excess of 40-hour week, the standby employee will be paid for the time actually worked at one and one-half times the regular rate. An employee on standby duty will be required to wear a pager and remain in the local area where the pager is active. The standby employee may pursue any personal activity that leaves him/her available to promptly respond to calls for response to operational problems or emergencies.

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