Stuart Street Tanks Project

During the CCSD's Water Master Plan process, it was discovered that Cambria's water distributon system did not meet fire flow and associated tank storage requirements. An additional tank and fire pumps are planned as part of the proposed Rodeo Grounds Pumping Station Replacement project. These will provide the fire flow capacities needed for the residential areas served by the Stuart Street tanks on Lodge Hill, Park Hill, upper Pine Knolls and Leimert. The total cost estimate for this Priority I Capital Improvement Project is $971,000. The project is projected to be completed by 2012.

The CCSD will install a new 365,000-gallon storage tank at the existing Stuart Street tank facility between Richard Avenue and Stuart Street in Lodge Hill. The tank will measure approximately 52 feet in diameter and 23 feet high. Prelimnary design layouts call for the tank to be located on existing CCSD property that fronts Stuart Street to the south of the existing tanks. This CCSD property is currently being used as a tree nursery, which will require relocation before the project commences.