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2/22/2023 Weather Event Forecast

This morning, the Cambria CSD Fire Chief attended the San Luis Obispo County Operational Area Storm Coordination conference call and received a direct weather update from the National Weather Service for Cambria. Cambria is expected to experience heavy winds today through Thursday, with Northwest wind gusts of 25-40 mph. Cambria will also experience light rain tonight through Thursday evening.
Thursday evening, Cambria and San Luis Obispo County will receive intense rainfall of 1-3 inches. There is a potential for minor flooding and elevated water flows, causing small streams and creeks to flood. Wind gusts on Friday are expected to come from the South, at 30-40 mph. Cambria will have a high surf advisory in place all week and weekend.
Weather conditions should dry up by late Sunday and into Monday. Cambrians should expect a continued increase in downed trees, downed power lines, potential power loss, and some potential for minor flooding. Cambrians should try to avoid the roadways and stay indoors during this weather event.
As always, your Cambria CSD Fire Department will be staffed and ready to respond to all hazards and emergencies within Cambria, to ensure we all safely get through the storm. Stay safe and check back for updates regularly, as we strive to keep you as informed as possible.

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