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Will Serves and Retrofits

So, you need a Will-Serve letter?

Please complete the Will Serve Application to request will-serve letters for water and/or sewer and/or a Fire Plan Review. For fastest service, please email with any questions. You may submit all application materials electronically; however, processing will not begin until the required deposit is received at our office. Download a fillable PDF application at the link below: 

2019 Will Serve Application Instructions2019 WIll Serve ApplicationAgent Authorization FormRetrofit Upon Expansion of Use Guide

Land Use Authority

As an unincorporated area of SLO County, the CCSD cannot issue building permits. To learn more about land use conditions and to apply for a building permit, please contact the County's Department of Planning and Building (see link in sidebar).

Retrofit Upon Resale

Current CCSD code requires that all existing residential and commercial buildings shall, at the time of change of ownership, be retrofitted, if not already so, exclusively with high-effficiency water-use plumbing fixtures. 


Approximately 20 years ago the CCSD implemented a retrofit program to replace plumbing fixtures in existing residences and businesses with water-conserving fixtures such as shower heads and toilets. Currently, all new construction is required to meet both the State of California and CCSD standards. New construction is required to offset demand through the purchase of retrofit points or actual retrofitting of noncompliant water fixtures within District boundaries. The number of points required is based upon a combination of the square footage of the lot being built upon and the number of bathrooms constructed.

Download the Water Use Efficiency Requirements for New ConstructionRetrofit to Build Points Table