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Strategic Plan

Three-Year Goals 2022-2025 (not in priority order)

Core Area:  Water Services - General

Strategic Goal: Meet the ongoing challenges of effectively and reliably managing water resources in our sensitive ecosystem

Core Area: Water Services - Water Reclamation Facility 

Strategic Goal: Advance Coastal Development Permit (CDP) to achieve County and Coastal Commission approval

Core Area: Sewer Services

Strategic Goal: Execute phased repairs and upgrades for the Wastewater Treatment System

Core Area: Fire Protection & Emergency Services 

Strategic Goal: Provide optimal fire protection, water rescue, and emergency medical services on a 24/7 basis

Core Area: Facilities & Resources 

Strategic Goal: Manage and provide stewardship of District assets, parks, recreation, and open space in a timely, cost-effective, and environmentally sensitive manner

Mission Statement and Three-Year Goals - 6/28/20222022 Six-Month Strategic Objectives - 6/28/2022
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