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Transfers & Assignments


Wait list positions, Intent-to-Serve letters, connection permits, grandfathered permits, and active service can be transferred from one parcel to another eligible parcel per Title 8 of the CCSD Code.

Grandfathered permits and active service transfers do not require that you wait for an "Intent to Serve" letter from the wait list; however, there are certain fees and requirements associated with these meters. Please consult the current schedule of fees and CCSD Code for further information.

Application for Transfer of Position


A position is assignable to a new owner of the same parcel only upon sale of the parcel and approval of an application for assignment by the general manager subject to the conditions and/or limitations specified in CCSD Municipal Code Section 8.04.090 - Assignment of Positions.

 Effective 11/12/2020: Assignment Fee is $231.90.

Assignment Application - Parts 1 & 2

Your title company will submit the Assignment application and preliminary title report on your behalf using the form provided below.

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