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Transfers & Assignments


Wait list positions, Intent-to-Serve letters, connection permits, grandfathered permits, and active service can be transferred from one parcel to another eligible parcel per Title 8 of the CCSD Code.  

Grandfathered permits and active service transfers do not require that you wait for an "Intent to Serve" letter from the wait list; however, there are certain fees and requirements associated with these meters. Please consult the current schedule of fees and CCSD Code for further information.

Please use the link below to apply for a Transfer of Position online. We will accept applications from Title Companies only. 


A position is assignable to a new owner of the same parcel only upon sale of the parcel and approval of an application for assignment by the general manager subject to the conditions and/or limitations specified in CCSD Municipal Code Section 8.04.090 - Assignment of Positions. The assignment fee is $231.90.

Assignment Application - Parts 1 & 2

Your title company will submit the Assignment application and preliminary title report on your behalf using the form provided below.

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