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Finance Committee

Director Steidel


  1. District Pension Liabilities: Status of funding and the impact on current and future budgets. An emphasis on transparency for the Board and the community.
  2. Review of the Balance Sheet: Including all assets and liabilities including interagency debt, external debt, and fixed assets. Review the Asset Management Program and its impact on current and future expenses. Review the District Reserve Policy and recommend changes as needed.
  3. Annual District Planning and Budget Review – Review of the annual plan and budget including all personnel additions/subtractions, infrastructure improvements and upgrades, efficiency improvements, and customer satisfaction improvement projects. Review overhead allocations to each agency. Review on a quarterly basis at a minimum with an emphasis on plan achievement and subsequent budget conformation.
  4. Long-range Plan and Budget Review: Review the plan and budget including revenue projections, rate and fee changes, CIP (Capital Improvement Plan), and Asset Management.
  5. Advise the District Financial Manager on reports and financial documents with an emphasis on providing the maximum transparency and accuracy for the community.
  6. Review the District policy on pursuing grants. Recommend a plan to achieve greater success by utilizing District assets and/or consultants as needed.
  7. Review all large (>$50,000) purchases and make recommendation to the Board as directed.
  8.  Review and recommend changes to the Purchasing Policy and other policies as directed by the Board.
  9. Hold a minimum of two Town Hall meetings with the public to improve District financial transparency.
  10. Other items as directed by the Board.