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Voluntary Lot Merger

In May 2007, the CCSD implemented the Voluntary Merger Program as part of the Buildout Reduction Program (BRP). This program was embraced enthusiastically by lot owners and has been extremely successful.

Under the CCSD-sponsored Voluntary Lot Merger program, the CCSD pays for up to $800 in fees to complete eligible mergers.  Eligibility criteria for the program includes:

  • a minimum of one vacant parcel that is at least 3,500 square feet;
  • a voluntary merger and not a merger that is the result of some other requirement;
  • submittal of a waitlist withdrawal request for any waitlisted parcel that is being merged with an improved parcel;
  • a net effect of reducing buildable lots (no retired parcels).

For more information about eligibility for the CCSD program, results of the program, or other lot related questions, please email us at or call (805) 927-6116.

Information about voluntary mergers can be found at the County of San Luis Obispo's website (see below).

Any Title company can assist you with lot mergers, but the CCSD also partners with Placer TItle here in Cambria. To get your application started, please submit the following to their office.

Placer Title Voluntary Lot Merger PacketWaitlist Withdrawal Request Form
Verify Eligibility for the CCSD Sponsored VLM Program 
Submit Your VLM Application Here 
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