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Urban Water Management Plan

2020 Final Report Now Available

Cambria's Urban Water Management Plan responds to the Urban Water Management Planning Act, Water Code Sections 10610 through 10656 as amended.  Besides meeting state-mandated requirements, the Urban Water Management Plan Updates provide a summary of the CCSD's water supply planning. 

The 2020 Urban Water Management Plan and Water Shortage Contingency Plan were approved during the June 17, 2021 CCSD Board Meeting. They are available for review and download via the links below.

Final Report

2020 Urban Water Management PlanErrata
A - DWR ChecklistB - 60 Day Notification LettersC - Public Hearing LettersD - Adopted ResolutionE - Bulletin 118F - Water Loss AuditG - DSS Model Update and Demand AnalysisH - SBX7-7 2020I - Groundwater Management PlanJ - USGS Report 98-4061K - Water Rights LicensesL - Hazard Mitigation Plan

Previous Plan Archive

The 2015 Urban Water Management Plan was approved during the December 15, 2016 CCSD Board Meeting. It is available for review and download via the links below.

2015 Urban Water Management Plan
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