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Resources & Infrastructure Committee

The Resources and Infrastructure Committee serves as an advisory resource to the CCSD Board of Directors on matters concerning infrastructure and resources. The Committee’s purpose is to assess existing resources and gather information regarding infrastructure and resource needs of the community; establish a collaborative working relationship with the public and the CCSD Board of Directors; create plans for meeting the needs of the community within the bounds of current and potential resources and priorities of the CCSD; and, recommend plans of action to the Board of Directors regarding actions to meet the community infrastructure and resources needs.

Apart from their normal function and as part of this advisory resource, Committee members have no individual authority and may not represent the Committee or the CCSD in any policy, act or expenditure. The Committee maintains collaborative working relationships with the public, other standing committees and the CCSD Board of Directors. Support other standing committees’ resource and infrastructure review needs.

The Resources & Infrastructure Committee members are David Pierson, Karen Dean, Tom Gray, James Webb, Paul Nugent and Brad Fowles.

2020 Resources & Infrastructure Committee Regular Meeting Schedule Resources & Infrastructure Committee Mission Statement, Goals & Objectives CCSD Standing Committee Bylaws Resources & Infrastructure Standing Committee Ad Hoc Committees 


Working Documents

DRAFT Cambria Water Demand Report - Updated 10/11/2019