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Our Mission

The mission of the Cambria Water Department is to provide high-quality water to the citizens of Cambria in a safe, environmentally sensitive, and economical manner.

The Water Department is responsible for installation of new water service, well head and service meter repairs and readings, creek monitoring, water treatment and testing, production tracking, measuring well levels, and other water-related functions.


The Water Department consists of six experienced and highly trained professionals. The Department is managed by the Water Systems Superintendent and the Utilities Department Manager. The Department is supported by the Program Manager and Administrative Technician II. All operators are certified by the State Water Resources Control Board for both water treatment and distribution and undergo extensive continuing education to maintain their certifications. After hours, there is always one qualified operator on call to respond to community water emergencies 24/7.

Cambria Water System

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Water System Presentation Slides

Where your water comes from

All of Cambria's water comes from wells drilled into aquifers in the San Simeon and Santa Rosa Creek basins. The quantity of water in an aquifer and the water produced by a well depend on the nature of the rock, sand or soil in the aquifer. The State of California mandates how much water the CCSD can pump from both creeks. Currently, the majority of Cambria's water supply is obtained from San Simeon Creek.

How it gets to you

Cambria's water is transported under pressure through a 60-mile network of buried pipes. Smaller pipes are attached to the main water lines to bring water from the distribution network to your home or business. These pipes require continuous repair and replacement to avoid leaks and system failures. Water is pumped into storage tanks around Cambria with a total capacity of 980,000 gallons. Booster pump stations "lift" water to the tanks, which are located at higher elevations than the homes they serve. When you turn on the tap, the force of gravity pushes the water into your home or business. The wells pump water until demand is met and tanks are full. When demand increases, the tank levels start dropping. They are monitored regularly to ensure there is always sufficient water to meet customer and firefighting needs. Recently, the CCSD Board approved the construction of additional water storage tanks to strengthen Cambria's firefighting capability.

Fire Hydrant Maintenance Statistics

The Water Department manages the maintenance and repair of all 369 fire hydrants in the distribution system. Below is a map of all hydrants and hydrant valves maintained by Staff and a legend to show how recently the valves have been exercised. All hydrants and associated valves are tracked using our GIS system. Activity logs are maintained each time a hydrant valve is exercised to document gallons flushed, chlorine residual, and pressure. 

Water Department Hydrant & Valve Map (as of December 31, 2021)
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