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What Not to Flush

The More You Know...

When customers flush items not meant for the wastewater collection system, it creates blockages which require expensive equipment and staff time to address. Blockages in the wastewater system can also contribute to Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSO) which result in fines from regulatory agencies. Please do your part to keep our system blockage-free and do not treat your toilet like a trash can.

Image of toilet with "Think Before You Flush" text

Are you flushing any of the items listed in the chart below? Read on to find out and change your habits today!

Toilet PaperTampons, applicators, pads, or panty liners
Human WasteHair or Floss
Facial tissues, Towels, or Wipes (Even if Labeled "Flushable")
Condoms & Wrappers
Bandages, Needles or Medicine
Cotton swabs, pads, or Q-Tips
Cat litter or pet waste



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