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Retrofit Program

The CCSD's Water Fixture Retrofit Programs are part of the Water Use Efficiency Plan adopted February 28, 2013 and are outlined in Title 4 of the CCSD Municipal Code. There are three different components of the retrofit program:

Retrofit Upon Resale RequirementsRetrofit Requirements for Remodels/AdditionsWater Use Efficiency requirements for New Construction

If you are required to obtain retrofit verification under one of the above program components, please use the appropriate guide linked above to ensure compliance with all water use efficiency requirements. Once you have retrofitted your property, please submit the Retrofit Verification Request Form at

A $55 application fee is required and your application will not be processed until this fee is received. Please see for payment specifics.

The EPA maintains lists of water fixtures that carry the WaterSense label. These fixtures meet CCSD requirements, though be sure to filter the results by the flow/usage requirements for a given fixture outlined in the PDFs linked above, as fixtures might meet WaterSense requirements but still exceed the CCSD's allowed consumption. That list can be found here:

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