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Retrofit Program

Water Fixture Retrofit Program 

The CCSD's Water Fixture Retrofit Programs are part of the Water Use Efficiency Plan adopted February 28, 2013 and are outlined in Title 4 of the CCSD Municipal Code. There are three different components of the retrofit program:

Water Use Efficiency Requirements for New ConstructionRetrofit Upon ResaleRetrofit Upon Expansion/Change of Use (Remodel)

If you are required to obtain retrofit verification under one of the above program components, please use the appropriate guide linked above to ensure compliance with all water use efficiency requirements. Once you have retrofitted your property, please submit the Retrofit Verification Request Form below.

Retrofit Verification Process 

Skip the C-1 Form & Fee - Take Advantage of a Free Water Use Efficiency (WUE) Walk-Through Today!

In lieu of completing Form C-1 and paying the $55 application fee, all customers are encouraged to sign up for a free WUE Walk-Through conducted by trained CCSD staff. A WUE Walk-Through qualifies as achieving compliance with the Title 4 Retrofit Program so long as required retrofits are installed and maintained after the walk-through. Many required retrofit devices are provided at the walk-through at no cost to you! Learn more here.

Form C-1: Title 4 Retrofit Verification Form

Application Fee

A $55 application fee is required. Information on how to pay can be found here.

Questions? Please call us at 805-203-5803 or email 

Pools & Hot Tubs 

Pools and hot tubs in the CCSD service area must be covered when not in use. Oversized tubs that are filled with each use, such a jacuzzi and whirlpool tubs, may not exceed 70 gallons in capacity.

Own a pool or spa? Check out the fact sheet below to learn more.

SLO County Pool & Spa Drainage Fact Sheet




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