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Board Adjourned Special Meeting

The adjourned special meeting recording is posted to SLO Span's website here:

Notice and Order of Adjournment

The Cambria Community Services District 1/19/2021 Strategic Planning Workshop participants were:

  1. Amanda Rice, former CCSD Director
  2. Carlos Mendoza, Facilities & Resources Supervisor
  3. Cindy Steidel, CCSD President
  4. David Hirsch, CCSD District Counsel
  5. David Pierson, former CCSD Director
  6. Donn Howell, CCSD Vice President and Chair of Policy Committee
  7. Gordon Heinrichs, Vice Chair of Policy Committee
  8. Harry Farmer, CCSD Director
  9. John Nixon, Secretary of Policy Committee
  10. John F. Weigold IV, General Manager
  11. Karen Dean, CCSD Director and Chair of Resources & Infrastructure Committee
  12. Pamela Duffield, Finance Manager
  13. Ray Dienzo, Utilities Department Manager/District Engineer
  14. Ted Siegler, Vice Chair of Finance Committee
  15. Tom Gray, CCSD Director and Chair of Finance Committee
  16. William Hollingsworth, Fire Chief
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