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3/13/2023: ⚠️ Flash Flood Watch⚠️

Cambria is expected to be hit again by another atmospheric river. Rain is expected to begin in the early morning hours of Tuesday, March 14th and pick up in intensity throughout the day. The heaviest rainfall will be between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm on March 14th. We can expect similar flooding and road closures as we experienced last week. During the last storm event, Thursday March 9th, the Santa Rosa Creek crested its banks, flooding parts of the West Village, Oak Terrace Mobile Park, and portions of the East Village. It rose over 5 feet in 5 hours and went over the stream gauge monitoring device at 21+ feet. Currently, at 11:00 AM today, the Santa Rosa Creek is at 5-feet and flowing rapidly. Large amounts of rain over a short period of time can cause mudslides, local flooding and overwhelm local drainage systems.
This fast-moving weather event will also be bringing heavy winds with gusts, well over 40 MPH. These high winds stress trees and can cause trees, limbs, and other debris to fall without warning. The entire North Coast is vulnerable, and the winds could further weaken trees or damage other infrastructure. This will likely result in many trees down and powerlines down. 
Be prepared for possible extended power outages and be prepared for a potential evacuation order if you reside in a low-lying area of Cambria.  With the current ground water saturation, Cambria is prone for flash flooding. Please take the time to be prepared and please stay off the roadways if possible. As always, your Cambria CSD Fire Department will be staffed and putting out emergency messaging and updates through the CSD website, social media, and cell phone emergency alerts as needed. Please stay safe Cambria.

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