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5/31/2023 Letter from the General Manager

Dear Cambria, with the best intentions, I came (along with the District Staff) to address some of the significant issues in the community by having an open forum like we did today. As you said, there is an opportunity for us to be more transparent with water and wastewater projects. Full disclosure, perhaps, my background in emergency services has lent a blind eye to what you (the community) want on the forefront. However, we had great conversations about fire evacuation concerns, the homeless/unhoused population, and how we can be more transparent about these issues. I hear you and will make a concerted effort to highlight our achievements on these matters. More to come. We will be back at the Vet's Hall on July 12th and every month after that. I am not going away; the dialog will continue. I want to hear your thoughts, and I hope you join me.

Matthew McElhenie

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