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7.04.010 Rules Governing Cambria Veterans' Memorial Building

Note: All reference in these rules to the terms "lessee" or "user" shall be deemed to mean any person, firm, corporation or organization who has obtained permission to use the Cambria Veterans' Memorial Building from the Cambria Community Services District.

A. Lessee agrees to save the Cambria Community Services District, its officers, agents and employees harmless from any and all liability arising from the use by the lessee of the Cambria Veterans' Memorial Building.

B. The general manager shall require the lessee to make arrangements and pay for adequate security protection at all public dances and may require security for other events as deemed appropriate. The number of security personnel required will be determined by the general manager or designated representative. No music shall be played after twelve midnight on Monday through Saturday and no music shall be played after ten p.m. on Sundays. All doors and windows shall remain closed while music is being played after eight p.m.

C. Lessee must pay for all breakage, damage or loss to the building, furnishings and equipment occurring during such use.

D. No equipment or any furnishings shall be removed from the building, except by express permission from the general manager, the manager's authorized representative, or the building supervisor.

E. Garbage and trash must be placed in containers provided and left where required by the building supervisor.

F. Decorations used within the hall or on the grounds shall not create a fire hazard, and must have the prior written approval of the building supervisor. This prohibition may include, but not be limited to, candles or open flame, hay bales and Christmas trees. The right to limit the size and amount of decorations is reserved by the building supervisor.

Decorating of the upper walls (above the wood trim approximately nine feet above the floor) or ceiling is prohibited except from permanently installed eyes and hooks and approved by the building supervisor. Pins or thumbtacks may be used on bulletin board material on walls. The use of tape, nails or staples is prohibited on any painted surface and floor of the building.

G. Event signs may be posted not more than five (5) days prior to the event and must be removed within one (1) day after the event. Failure to remove signs in a timely manner may result in lessee being assessed a sign removal charge.

H. The use of confetti, rice or dance floor wax is prohibited.

I. Safe building and/or room capacity, as posted, shall not be exceeded.

J. Thermostats and fuses/breakers shall not be tampered with. In the event of any difficulties with such equipment, the building supervisor shall be contacted immediately.

K. Upon leaving the building, user shall check to insure that all lights, heaters and fans are turned off. All windows and doors shall be closed and locked. Any equipment shall be returned to the storage closet from which it came. All tables shall be taken down, stacked on table carts and chairs shall be folded and stacked against the walls in designated areas behind the leg stops.

L. The kitchen shall be left clean, with all counters wiped off, floor mopped, spills cleaned from both top and inside of oven. All food stuffs are to be removed from kitchen, including refrigerators. Garbage shall be bagged, tied closed and deposited inside the dumpsters at rear of building. Note: The district does not supply pots, pans, utensils, dishes or glasses.

M. The outside barbecue area shall be left clean of any food scraps and debris. Unused wood shall be stacked neatly by the side of the pit wall. Fire coals shall be quenched with water, and the grill leveled to the top edge of the pit. The grill and pit rim shall be scraped clean of food scraps, food fats, and other debris.

N. Smoking is prohibited in the Veterans' Memorial as provided by California State Law (Labor Code 6405.5).

O. Reservations may be made no earlier than twelve (12) months in advance. However, recurring events on a weekly, monthly or annual basis, such as Pinedorado, American Legion monthly meeting, or an event requiring longer than twelve (12) months to prepare for, may be scheduled on an ongoing basis, by written authorization by the general manager. The number of advance reservations by any particular individual, group, corporation or organization may be limited when such is necessary in the public interest and at the discretion of the general manager. Nonprofit organizations shall take precedence over for profit use where a scheduling conflict arises. Such determination may be made by the general manager. The decision of the general manager regarding advance reservations shall be final. The district reserves the right to cancel any reservation if the building is required for district use, or for emergency purposes.

P. Applications for use of the building or grounds shall be accompanied by a deposit pursuant to the fee schedule on file at the district office. Upon confirmation of the reservation the district shall require full payments of the rental fee and determine if an additional deposit is required. This rental deposit shall be held by the district and forfeited if lessee fails to cancel the use of the building prior to 90 days from the time scheduled for such use. General Manager may waive collection of deposit under extenuating circumstances. The rental fee for that time reserved shall be deducted from the amount received and the balance, if any, shall be returned to the lessee. This deposit shall also be applied to repair or maintenance of the building, if in the opinion of the building supervisor the lessee or guests of the lessee caused damage to the building beyond usual wear and tear, or if the lessee fails to leave the building in good, clean condition in accordance with the rules herein regarding clean-up. This does not relieve the lessee of the responsibility of additional charges if the deposit does not cover the cost to restore the building to its original condition at the beginning of the rental period. An appropriate refund shall be made within seven days of end of the rental period. For regularly recurring uses the deposit shall remain on file with the district until such regularly recurring use is terminated.

Q. All users of the Veterans' Memorial Building shall provide the district with a current certificate of insurance from an insurer authorized to provide coverage in the state of California providing for general liability coverage, naming the Cambria Community Services District as additionally named insured. The amount of coverage shall be in an amount established by the district and shall be provided before use begins. This coverage may be available from the district at the users' expense.

R. The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited unless permission has been granted by the general manager or the manager's authorized representative. Any sale and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the alcoholic beverage control (ABC) board. Additionally, CCSD must be provided with a copy of the ABC permit.

The sale or serving alcoholic beverages on the premises requires that the lessee provide the CCSD with an additional or combined insurance policy with specific coverage for the sale and/or serving of alcoholic beverages.

S. Every effort will be made to schedule adequate clean-up time after an event. If use does not allow for adequate clean-up time, the general manager, or his or her designated representative may limit the event to ensure adequate clean-up time and/or advise the next user that adequate clean-up will not take place prior to their scheduled event.

T. The following policy shall govern the parking facilities:

1. The board of directors specifically finds as follows:

a. The Cambria Community Services District has experienced problems constituting a public nuisance caused by unregulated and unauthorized public parking on certain unimproved district-owned property;

b. The district is authorized, pursuant to Vehicle Code S 22651(n), to cause to be removed any vehicle parked or left standing if the district board by resolution or ordinance has prohibited such parking, has authorized the removal of vehicles, and has posted signs giving notice of the removal; and

c. The district by this chapter desires to regulate parking on district-owned property.

2. No person shall park or leave standing any vehicle upon subject property overnight, between the hours of two a.m. and six a.m., without permit obtained from the general manager or authorized representative, when there is posted upon such property at least two signs reading substantially as follows:

2:00 AM TO 6:00 AM
VC Sections 22519; 22651-22659

3. During special events or by special use the general manager, or authorized representative, may cause temporary signs to be installed on subject property, restricting use of subject property to those uses allowed under district permit issued for and authorizing the special event, or special use. No person shall park or leave standing any vehicle upon the subject property without district permit at such times as there is posted upon such property at least two temporary special event, or special use signs reading substantially as follows:

VC Sections 22519; 22651-22659

4. Violation of subsection T of this section shall be an infraction punishable by a fine not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100.00) for a first violation; a fine not exceeding two hundred dollars ($200.00) for a second violation; and a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars ($500.00) for each additional similar violation. In addition, if the applicable parking regulation establishes a "tow away zone" or otherwise provides that improperly parked vehicles will be removed, the district may cause such vehicle to be removed pursuant to the provisions of Vehicle Code S 22651(n) by any police official enumerated in Vehicle Code S 22651.

5. Prior to enforcing parking regulations adopted pursuant to this section, the district shall cause the property to be regulated to be posted with signs giving notice of the district regulations.

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