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Advancement in Salary (Merit Adjustments)

A. The salary range set forth for each classification is divided into five (5) steps that are implemented as follows.  Salary steps within a range are typically established in five percent (5%) increments.

B. Typically, upon appointment to any classification within the CCSD system, an employee is placed at the beginning ("A") step of the range. Upon determination of the General Manager that the needs of the CCSD and the qualifications of the employee so warrant, a newly appointed employee may be assigned to any step in the salary range.

C. Progression from one step in a salary range to the next shall be based upon a satisfactory written performance evaluation provided by the Fire Chief and accompanied by a recommendation to the General Manager to implement a step increase. The decision to implement such increase shall rest with the General Manager.

D. Progression from the initial step in the range to the next step will typically occur upon the satisfactory completion of a one-year probationary period. All subsequent salary increases within the salary range shall typically occur at one-year intervals, based on satisfactory performance.

E.  Covered classifications are assigned to salary ranges as provided in the salary schedule.

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