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California Local Agency Ethics AB 1234

California Local Agency Ethics AB 1234 Training Course: Two-hour Training Course

The Ethics AB 1234 course is available through TargetSolutions. The course is two-hours long. The California State Legislature recently passed AB 1234, mandating ethics training every two years for local government officials. This course provides a brief overview of the topics which must be covered under the law, including the laws relating to personal financial gain by public servants, claiming perquisites of office, government transparency, and fair government processes. Specifically covered are the Political Reform Act, the Brown Act, and the Public Records Act, and several other laws that govern the behaviors and practices of public servants. The primary goal of this course is to expose you to California ethics laws and allow you to identify potential conflict-of-interest situations. 

You will receive an acknowledgment of completion once you have successfully completed the course. Please note that you need to keep a copy for your records and send a copy to Haley Dodson ( 

To access the TargetSolutions training portal, please visit the link below.