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Cambria Fire Department

The Cambria Fire Department provides 24/7 fire protection, prevention, rescue and emergency medical services to the community of Cambria. It also provides training and public education programs, building safety inspections and a fire hazard fuel reduction program.

The Cambria Fire Department has upgraded its staff, equipment and facilities substantially to provide the highest level of fire protection possible to Cambria residents. The following are the enhancements and programs currently in place or underway at the Department:

  • A minimum of three highly trained fire personnel on duty at the Cambria Fire Department 24/7
  • Applied for FEMA SAFER Grant to hire additional firefighters to meet NFPA guidelines (application approved; three SAFER Firefighter Paramedics hired in 2022; three-year term ends on 1/1/2025)
  • Applied for AFG Grant for vehicle extrication equipment and EKG machine
  • Increased water main size to deliver more water
  • Construction of all new buildings and remodels with non-combustible materials
  • Expansion of the Fire Hazard Fuel Reduction program
Cambria Fire Department Core Values

Commitment. Dedicated to excellence in service.

Accountability. Upholding fiscal responsibility and the public’s trust.

Morale. Promoting a spirt of community, teamwork and brotherhood.

Benevolence. Performing our duties with compassion for others.

Respect. Honoring the traditional values of the Fire Service.

Integrity. Holding our self to high standards both on and off duty.

Achievement. Achieving what others deem impossible.

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