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Cambria Fire Safe Focus Group

The Cambria Fire Safe Focus Group meets the fourth Wednesday of every month, starting at 3:00 pm.


The Cambria Fire Safe Focus Group is a local focus group of the San Luis Obispo County Fire Safe Council, a countywide not for profit organization. The San Luis Obispo County Fire Safe Council is comprised of a broad cross section of stakeholders in community fire prevention, wildland fire pre-planning, community education and preparedness, and wildland fuel treatments. The Cambria Fire Safe Focus Group was established to improve local fire safety in the north coast, especially from a wildland fire. Their mission is to mobilize and prepare Cambrians and north coast residents to protect our people, community, homes, businesses and environment from wildfire.


To help Cambrians become aware of the potential for a major wildland fire in Cambria by:

  1. Public education and outreach.
  2. Identify fire-safe practices, landscaping and defensible space around your home or business
  3. Identify fire-safe construction and reducing fire embers ability to enter the inside of a building or ignite the building exterior.
  4. Hold community requested neighborhood meetings to promote wildland fire safety and preparedness.
  5. Coordinate and deliver Fire Safe Chipping events to reduce accumulated dead wildland fuels and to enhance defensible space around buildings.
  6. Increase awareness and public education regarding evacuation safety, routes and family and business plans.

Wildfire Preparedness Presentation  - May 11, 2024

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