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Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program Member Application Process

As we move into this next phase of Cambria CSD CERT, we are making sure that active members and our Cambria CSD sponsor organization are provided with better liability protection and current member information. This will allow for enhanced hazard protection for our members. Thanks to Cambria CSD, the SLO County Sheriff, and CA OES, there is no cost to our members. These new changes will enhance and expand our Team's capabilities.

We ask that you keep a digital copy of all of the forms below that you complete. If you have difficulty downloading or printing any of the below listed forms, please contact one of your CERT Program Leaders or your Staging Area Manager for help. 

Current Cambria CSD Fire Department CERT members who wish to continue being members must complete the following steps in order to continue as a member:


Schedule your live scan appointment through the SLO Sheriff's Office Administration-Permits Department by calling 805-781-4575 between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. You must call ahead to schedule a live scan appointment. 

The SLO Sheriff's Office Administration-Permits Department is located at 1545 Kansas Avenue in San Luis Obispo.

It is important that you identify yourself as a member of the Cambria CSD Fire CERT, so that you receive the discounted Live Scan pricing. Please ensure that you complete all forms as required in Step 8, or reimbursement may not be possible.  

If YOU DO NOT wish to apply for the Live Scan, please stop here, do not make an appointment with the SLO Sheriff's Office, and notify David Wierenga at with the message Live Scan declined. No further action is needed.


Complete & sign the Request for Live Scan Service form. You only need to complete the APPLICATION INFORMATION section. Take the completed Live Scan Service form to your appointment. Remember to advise them that you are a member of the Cambria CSD Fire CERT. You will also need to provide a current valid identification at the SLO Sheriff's Office to have your Live Scan done.

Request for Live Scan Service Form

Go to your live scan appointment scheduled through the SLO Sheriff's Office Administration-Permits Department.

The Cambria CSD CERT reduced live scan fee is $30. SLO Sheriff's Office accepts cash or checks. They do not accept credit or debit cards. You will need to pay the fee and ask for a receipt. The Cambria Community Services District (CCSD) will reimburse CERT members for the $30 live scan fee. Reimbursement instructions are below.


Complete & sign the Hold Harmless, Waiver, Release, and Indemnity Agreement form.

Hold Harmless, Waiver, Release, and Indemnity Agreement Form

Complete & sign SECTION 1 of the Authorization for Release of Driver Record Information form.

Authorization for Release of Driver Record Information Form

Complete & sign the Disaster Service Worker Volunteer Registration form. Complete the personal information section starting with Name and ending with Blood Type (Optional).

Disaster Service Worker Volunteer Registration Form

Submit the following information below to the Confidential Administrative Assistant:

Keep a copy of each of the above documents for yourself.  Ensure all documents have been uploaded, and select the SUBMIT button below.
There was a problem saving your submission. Please try again later.
Please wait while your submission is being saved...
Thank you, your submission has been received.

Once the Cambria Community Services District receives the completed paperwork outlined in Steps 2-7, the District will review the paperwork. If any information is missing, the District will contact you. If no additional information is needed, you will be issued a $30 reimbursement in the mail. Reimbursements will be issued within 14 days.

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