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Compensatory Time

In lieu of overtime pay, covered employees may accrue compensatory time off (CTO). Accrued CTO may be taken as paid leave in the same manner as vacation leave, or may be converted to cash at the request of the employee, and with the approval of the CCSD. All CTO not taken as paid leave or converted to a cash payment prior to the first full pay period in June of each year shall be automatically converted to a cash payment to the employee before the end of the fiscal year. At the written request of the employee, the CCSD General Manager may authorize a carryover of accrued CTO from one fiscal year to the next in an amount not to exceed 40 hours (for employees assigned to a 40-hour week) or 56 hours (for employees assigned to a 56-hour average week). Requests for carryovers must be submitted in writing to the General Manager no later than June 10th each year.  In no event may CTO accrue more than the legally allowed 480 hours.

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