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Contracts & Agreements

Updated 2/17/2024
NameDepartmentTypeAnnual Contract AmountNotes
3rd Gen Pump & WellWaterSan Simeon Well #3 Pump UpgradeNot to exceed $33,379.82Board approved  12/14/2023.
AGP VideoAdministrationAudio/video hybrid board meetings$43,200$1,800 for up to three hours of meeting time, with an overtime rate of $160, calculated on 15-minute increments, rounded up.
Allways CleanWater, Wastewater & Public RestroomsJanitorial Services$46,920Water Plant monthly cleaning $655; and, Public Restroom cleaning $2500.
American Legion Post No. 432Vets HallUse of Veterans Memorial Building FacilitiesIn accordance with the Agreement,  Amendment No. 5 is for three a three year term and will increase the annual payment from $1 per year to $500 for the first year, $1,000.00 for the second year, and $2,000 for the third and final year.American Legion agrees to contribute to CCSD annually for reimbursement of the POST share of the cost for gas, water, sewer and refuse disposal services.
Badger MeterDistrict-wideBadger Meter Billing Integration - AMI Software and Onsite Set-up$14,180.00Sole-source acquisition of Badger meter endpoints and software for upgrading District water meters to Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) meters.
Cambria Village SquareAdministration Administration Office Lease$33,261.96The monthly payment will increase $91.14 as of November 1, 2023. The new monthly lease payment will be $2,771.83.
Cannon CorporationWaterDesign and Engineering Services for the San Simeon Water Transmission Main and Effluent Line Replacement Project$600,000The estimated project duration is two years and will cost $585,815, not including construction.
Carmel & NaccashaDistrict-wideLegal Services$162,000
CIO Solutions, LPDistrict-wideInformation Technology (IT) Support$36,840Contract expires 6/30/2026.
Civil Design StudioFireEmergency Access Feasibility Study$6,800Board approved 12/14/2023.
Coastal Tree Experts, Inc.Water Tree & Shrub Service$7,500
Complete Paperless Solutions (CPS)District-wideLaserfiche Document Management$7,390 
CSG ConsultantsFireFire Protection Plan Review ServicesFees for services such as these are subject to Government Code Section 66014 and the Mitigation Fee Act. As such, where the contractor’s rates are lower than posted District fees, the District must refund any difference to its customers. Conversely, where the contractor’s rates exceed those of the District, e.g., on-site inspections, the District must absorb the difference until the entire CCSD Fee Schedule can be revised. However, these on-site inspections are infrequent, and the costs to be absorbed are minimal.Board approved 12/7/2023.
Digital WestDistrict-wideMitel Phones$17,571.12Approximately $1,464.26 monthly.
ElectricraftF&RConstruction$15,000Electrical repairs, F&R offices.
Fence FactoryWastewaterConstruction$15,650.00Lift Station B fence repair/rebuild.
Elijah MerminDistrict-wideGrant Writing ServicesNot to exceed $13,000
FIRMA ConsultantsF&RCommunity Park Master Plan Update$4,930
Fluid Resource ManagementWastewaterConstruction/Maintenance$60,000.00Wastewater collection and treatment system repair.
Gladwell Governmental Services, Inc.AdministrationRecords Retention Policy & Schedule Update$8,000, plus $500 annually
G.F. Garcia & SonsWastewaterConstruction$60,000.00On-call WW collection system repair - Task Orders
Kevin Merk Associates, LLCWaterEnvironmental Services Proposal for the Water Reclamation Facility ProjectWork includes preparation of permit application packages for Clean Water Act sections 404 and 401, & California Fish & Game code section 1602. They will also support the CCSD team for the subject project with project description refinement with the regulatory agency consultation process.
Kirk ConstructionWaterEast-West Village Transmission Line Replacement$132,234.50Work was completed on 10/19/2023.
LexipolFireCambria Fire Department Fire Policy Manual & Daily Training Bulletins with Supplemental Publication Service and Fire Operations Procedures$5,328.55The Interim Fire Chief contacted SDRMA regarding Lexipol's proposal, and the District would be eligible for reimbursement of up to $1,000 per program year towards Lexipol since this is considered a loss prevention effort. The Interim Fire Chief and Confidential Administrative Assistant are working on submitting a loss prevention subsidy request to SDRMA. 
LuttrellDistrict-wideTemporary Staffing AgreementVaries 
Mike Rice, Forest, Yard & GardenFireFire Hazard Fuel Reduction ProgramVaries
Mission Country DisposalDistrict-wideFranchise Agreement for Integrated Solid Waste Management ServicesVarious costsSecond amendment executed on 5/19/2022.
Mission PavingWaterConstruction$30,000Patch paving after water system repairs.
Mission PavingWastewaterHeath Lane & WWTP approach repaving & utility covering raising.$46,500 
MKN & Associates, Inc.WaterEngineering Design and Bid/Construction Phase Services for the replacement of the Stuart Street Tanks$185,273
Moss, Levy & Hartzheim LLPDistrict-wideAudit Services$21,405Fourth amendment to agreement approved on 7/20/2023.
Municipal Resource Group, (MRG) LLCDistrict-wideHuman Resources Coaching & Consulting Services$34,400Agreement approved on 7/20/2023.
MW ArchitectsUtilitiesSkatepark Design Services$4,000 
Official Payments CorpWater, Wastewater & WRFElectronic Transaction ProcessingVariesAgreement executed in 2011. $4.95 for each payment transaction less than or equal to $10k; $15.00 for each payment transaction greater than $10k; plus, $4 returned transaction fee. Maximum payment amount is $300 per transaction.
Office1Administration & FireCopy Machine Lease$17,307.60Admin office copy machine lease: 60 payments of $186.04; Fire Department copy machine lease: 60 payments of $102.42.
Optimized Investment PartnersDistrict-wideRegistered Investment AdvisorYear 1 Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2024 25 basis points on the first $3M, 10 basis points on all additional balancesProjected earnings of $360,000 annually. Current earnings are $185,000.
Paradise Tree ServiceWaterEmergency Vegetation Removal at Van Gordon Creek for Flood Control Purposes$59,000An update on the emergency work performed in the Van Gordon Creek streambed was completed on September 20, 2023. Our emergency application was submitted, accepted, and finished as of October 24, with the receipt of the Van Gordon Creek Vegetation Management Report. This concludes our emergency/seasonal work in the streambed.
Paradise Tree ServiceFireFire Hazard Fuel Reduction ProgramVaries  
Paso Tank Inc.Water Construction$3,797.89Rodeo Grounds pump station old tank removal.
Special District Risk Management Authority (SDRMA)District-wideProperty, Mobile Equipment, General Liability, Auto Liability, Trailer & Workers’ Compensation CoverageVaries
Speeds Oil & Tool ServiceWRFTransportation$15,000Brine hauling from WRF to the disposal facility.
Stillwater SciencesWRFEnvironmental Consulting $103,250.00, plus $48,000 for an expanded scope of work for the Instream Flow StudyInstream Flow Study in SS Creek for the WRF CDP. 
SWCA WaterSWCA, INC. dba SWCA Environmental Consultants$10,958Water Reclamation Facility Coastal Development Permit Assistance
The Goat GirlsWastewater & WRFMaintenance - Weed Control$15,750.00Goats for weed abatement for WRF, WW ponds & WWTP
Thoma ElectricF&RRelocation of EV Charging Station$24,831
Todd GroundwaterWRFEnvironmental Consulting$115,072.00WRF Modeling, Piezometers & WRF Permit Assistance.
Tyler Technologies, Inc.District-wideTyler Software and Related Services$32,742
Tyler Technologies, Inc.District-wideElectronic Payment Service & Utility Access Portal$7,820 (one-time cost)Recurring annual fee of $2,856
Utility Services AssociatesWaterDistribution System Maintenance$7,500.00Water distribution system leak detection services. Contract expires 10/1/23.
Vital Records ControlDistrict-wideDocument StorageVariesApproximately $650 to $1,000 a month.
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