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Design & Engineering Services for the Water and Wastewater Pipeline Replacement Project

Posted - February 16, 2023, Closed - April 25, 2023

The District is currently seeking proposals from qualified engineering consulting firms for design and environmental services required for this project. 

The District has currently budgeted for two (2) identified sections of pipeline requiring replacement and the intent of this proposal is to provide engineering services related to the two (2) budgeted replacements of water and wastewater pipeline.

The proposed two (2) pipeline replacement sections identified within this Request for Proposal (RFP) will be designed in an effort to minimize the current attention demanded of the District’s Staff.

The District will select a qualified firm for professional engineering services for preliminary and final design including contract documents for the pipeline replacement sections identified under the Scope of Work.

Services shall include:

  •     Project Management
  •     Data Gathering
  •     System Hydraulic Evaluation
  •    Facilities Site Analysis
  •    Feasibility Refinement
  •    Preliminary Design
  •    Preparation of Contract Documents
  •    Preparation of Construction Cost Estimate
  •    Investigations
  •   Survey
  •   Geotechnical
  •   CEQA Compliance and Permit Acquisition
  •   Services During Bidding
  •   Services During Construction
  •   Project Close-out Service

The consultant is encouraged to expand the scope to include optional tasks if deemed necessary for completion of the project.  The above are specific tasks to be included in the proposed scope of work as a minimum.

1977 California State Parks Easement

The full request package can be accessed below:

2023 03 16 RFP_Pipeline Replacement_CCSD (Final).pdfBid Document 11/12-2023-02 Addendum 1Bid Document 11/12-2023-02 Adenddum 2Bid Document 11/12-2023-02 Addendum 3Bid Document 11/12-2023-02 Addendum 4

 Statement of Qualifications shall include the following:

1. Qualifications and Experience (Firm and Personnel)

A description of the company’s expertise related to services requested and a full discussion of the company’s recent experience directly related to designing water pipeline replacements. Provide resumes of key people that address experience and qualifications, educational background, and skills.

2. Availability

Briefly describe your firm’s and personnel’s ability to meet the District’s needs in a consistent and timely manner.

3. References

List three (3) former municipal (preferred) or private clients for whom comparable services have been performed within the last five (5) years. Include the name, mailing address, telephone number, and email address of each client’s principal representative. 

 Proposal Requirements:

1. Cover Letter
2. Executive Summary
3. General Requirements
  • An understanding of the project and approach to accomplish the work in a timely and acceptable manner.
  •  A detailed description of the services to be provided based on the consultant’s understanding of the project scope; include a list of anticipated drawings.
  • A detailed work schedule for all work and time frame for items of work.
  • A project organization and staffing chart.
  • Identification of the individual who will have overall responsibility for the project and who shall be a Registered Hydrogeologist or Civil Engineer in the State of California.
  •  A resume of the key staff who will be working on this project, including specific experience on similar projects. 
  • The proposal shall have a page limit of 20 pages including appendices, tabs, and cover.
  • A not-to-exceed fee based on the services outlined in the Scope of Work.

Submittal Procedures and Deadline:

Updated 4/13/2023

The deadline to submit a Written Letter of Intent is April 4th, 2023 (email acceptable)

The deadline to submit a Statement of Qualifications & Proposals is April 25th, 2023 at 5:00 pm.

Responses to this Request for Proposal (RFP) will be accepted in electronic format only. Proposals shall be delivered by electronic mail to with a subject line that includes the project number listed above. Electronic copies shall be searchable PDF format and may be delivered as a zipped file or via VPN.

Any questions as to the meaning of the scope of work and/or technical specifications or other pre-proposal documents must be submitted electronically and shall be directed to the Project Manager Ray Dienzo at


Anticipated Schedule: 

Release of RFP3/16/2023
Deadline for Written Questions and Letter of Intent4/4/2023
Response to Written Questions4/7/2023
Proposal Due Date4/25/2023
Proposal Review4/28/2023
Firm Interviews (if applicable)Week of 5/1/2023
Firm Reccomendation5/12/2023
Contract Approval and Start DateTBD



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