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District Financial Information

In compliance with state law, we provide income and expense information to the State Controller's office annually. To view this data please visit the State Controller's By The Numbers website.

Budget Documents

2019/2020 First Quarter Budget Report2019/2020 Final Budget2019/2020 Preliminary Budget2018/2019 Final Budget2018/2019 Preliminary BudgetBudget Adjustments Made to Balance FY 18/19 Preliminary BudgetApproved Budget for Fiscal Year 2017/20182016-2017 Budget Amended 4/27/172016-2017 Second Quarter Budget Report2016-2017 First Quarter Budget Report2016-2017 Budget amended 8/22/162016/2017 Budget2015/2016 Mid-Year Budget2015/2016 Budget2014/2015 Budget2013/2014 MY Budget2013/2014 Budget2012/2013 Budget2011/2012 Mid-Year Budget2011/2012 Budget2010/2011 Budget2009/2010 Mid-Year Budget2009/2010 Budget2008/2009 Budget2007/2008 Budget2006/2007 Budget

 Revenue and Expenditure Reports

FY 2016/2017 First QuarterFY 2016/2017 Second QuarterFY 2013/2014 First QuarterFY 2013/2014 Second QuarterFY 2012/2013 Fourth QuarterFY 2012/2013 Third QuarterFY 2012/2013 Second QuarterFY 2012/2013 First QuarterFY 2011/2012 Fourth QuarterFY 2011/2012 Third QuarterFY 2011/2012 Second QuarterFY 2011/2012 First QuarterFY 2010/2011 Fourth QuarterFY 2010/2011 Third QuarterFY 2010/2011 Second QuarterFY 2010/2011 First QuarterFY 2009/2010 Fourth QuarterFY 2009/2010 Third QuarterFY 2009/2010 Second QuarterFY 2009/2010 First Quarter

Audited Financial Statements

2017 Statement2016 Statement2015 Statement2014 Statement2013 Statement2012 Statement2011 Statement2010 Statement2009 Statement2008 Statement2007 Statement2006 Statement2005 Statement

Total Compensation Reports

Calendar Year 2018Calendar Year 2017Calendar Year 2016Calendar Year 2015Calendar Year 2014Calendar Year 2013Calendar Year 2012Calendar Year 2011Fiscal Year 2009/2010

Utility Billing Summary Pages

September/October 2019July/August 2019May/June 2019March/April 2019January/February 2019November/December 2018September/October 2018July/August 2018May/June 2018March/April 2018January/February 2018November/December 2017September/October 2017May/June 2017March/April 2017January/February 2017November/December 2016September/October 2016July/August 2016May/June 2016March/April 2016January/February 2016November/December 2015September/October 2015July/August 2015May/June 2015 Page 1May/June 2015 Page 2March/April 2015January/February 2015November/December 2014September/October 2014July/August 2014May/June 2014March/April 2014January/February 2014November/December 2013September/October 2013July/August 2013May/June 2013March/April 2013January/February 2013November/December 2012September/October 2012July/August 2012May/June 2012March/April 2012January/February 2012