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District Policies

Applying for Grants for the SST Projects Included in the SST Program Policy Budget PolicyCapitalization PolicyCash Handling PolicyCCSD Owned Vehicle PolicyCCSD Recycled Content Paper Procurement PolicyDiscontinuance of Residential Water Service PolicyEast-West Ranch Bench Placement PolicyEvent Policy for Fiscalini Ranch PreserveInterfund Loan PolicyInternet & Email PolicyInvestment PolicyTravel Policy

CCSD Policy Handbook

Section 1000: General

Adoption/Amendment of Policies Policy Number: 1000, Association Memberships Policy Number: 1005, Basis of Authority Policy Number: 1010 Board/Staff Communication Policy Number: 1020Claims Against the District Policy Number: 1025Code of Ethics Policy Number: 1030Conflict of Interest Policy Number: 1035Correspondence to the Board & Staff Policy Number: 1040Use of Electronic Devices by Board Members During Public Meetings Policy Number: 1042Response to Correspondence to the Board Policy Number: 1040.2Legal Counsel and Auditor Policy Number: 1045

Section 2000: Administration

Section 2100 Financial Management

Reserve Policy Number: 2150Purchasing Policy Number: 2135Debt Management Policy Number: 2155Disclosure Policies and  Procedures Related to the Issuance of Debt Obligations Policy Number: 2156Grants Policy Number: 2170

Section 2200 Inventory & Property Management

Encampments on District Property Policy Number: 2225

Section 2300 Risk Management

Section 2400 Communications & Technology

Social Media Policy Number: 2415California Public Records Act Response Procedures Policy Number: 2425 

Section 3000: Personnel

Section 3100 Employment Practices

Section 3200 Standards of Conduct

Cambria Community Services District Operating Principles for the Board of Directors, Standing Committee Members, and Staff Policy Number: 3230

Section 3300 Communications

Section 3400 Compensation & Benefits

CCSD Payment & Compensation Plan

Section 3500 Health, Safety & Security

Illness and Injury Prevention Program Policy Number: 3510

Section 4000: Board

Section 4100 Board of Directors

Board Vacancy Policy Number: 4150 

Section 4200 Board Meetings

Section 4350 Standing Committees

Reimbursement of Standing Committee Members' Expenses Policy Number: 4350
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