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⚠️Fire Chief’s Storm Update @ 8:40 am 3/10/23⚠️

As warned, the Park Hill Neighborhood is going to be cut off by flood waters shortly. The Santa Rosa Creek has risen significantly and has already diverted across Windsor Blvd. County Public Works is on scene and is currently working to close Windsor Blvd. It will be closed by 8:45am.

Fire Department staff are working to open the emergency access road to Park Hill.

⚠️Reminder!!!!⚠️ This is an “EMERGENCY” road and NOT a viable means of daily travel. Please stay home and ride out the storm if you live in the Park Hill Neighborhood. We will be monitoring the condition of the access road and if falls into further disrepair, it too will be shut down.

Flooding has also started to occur on Main Street in the downtown area. The Fire Department urges everyone to please shelter in place through this storm to avoid becoming part of our emergency response, and do NOT drive around barriers or emergency vehicles and into flooded waters! Be smart, be patient, and let’s get through this together.

Chief Vincent

Fire Chief

Cambria CSD Fire Dept.

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