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Free Chipping for Cambria Residents

The SLO County Fire Safe Council contracted crews, with support from Cambria Fire Safe Working Group, Cambria CSD Fire Department and Cambria Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) will conduct a chipping of your registered and tagged brush piles. This is a free event for Cambria residents to help make your home and community safer. Protecting the community against wildland fires is even more important now and the group will be following the best COVID-19 practices to protect you and the chipping crews and will be minimizing personal contact. 

If you would like to sign up for the chipping with flagged chipping piles in place by July 30, 2021, please provide the information below in an email to You can also call (805) 900-5152 and CERT will take your information or you can leave a voicemail and CERT will return your call.

Your Name:

Phone Number:


Your Address: 

Flagged Chip Pile Address (if different from Your Address):                                                                 

The chipping team will chip vegetation on your property, helping to make your home and the community safer. Please pick up your pre-cut flagging tape no later than July 30, 2021 at the front door of the Cambria Fire Department located at 2850 Burton Drive.

Free Chipping for Cambria Residents FlyerFree Chipping for Cambria Residents Sign-up Form


  • Material must be less than 5 inches in diameter and no longer than 7 feet.
  • Chipping pile must be marked with flagging tape (provided at the Fire Department's front door) and placed on your property near the road by July 30, 2021. This will allow time for route planning before chipping starts on August 2, 2021.
  • Only limbs and like material may be chipped. No grass, leaves, pine needles, sawed lumber or building materials.
  • Chipped material will be collected in a transport for removal.
  • If your pile for chipping is larger than a small SUV then please contact us ahead of time.
  • Sorry, we cannot schedule a precise time for arrival.


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