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Glossary of Terms

A list of common words and phrases to help understand the CCSD water permit process.


The process by which a change of ownership is accomplished for either a waiting list position, an intent to serve letter, or a connection permit.

Billing Period

Runs from meter read to meter read, every two months. Meters are read on the last three days of each even-numbered month, i.e. February, April, June, etc.

Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU)

The volume of water allocated for each class of water customer. One EDU is equal to the average monthly water use by a single-family dwelling during the summer season (May 1 to Oct. 31). This is currently estimated at 3.5 units per month. There are 748 gallons or 100 cubic feet of water in one unit. All water and sewer connection fees are based on the EDU allocation for the class of project proposed. EDUs are not used to restrict water consumption after connection, except as allowed by the Water Shortage Contingency Plan during certain water shortage emergencies.

Intent to Serve

A letter stating the District will provide water and sewer services to a particular project upon satisfactory completion of a number of steps, timely payment of fees and availability of water.


Parcels with what the district has determined have pre-existing commitments for service, but which do not have active service uses. Also known as non-active service parcels. Grandfathers are subject to minimum bi-monthly billing to maintain commitment status.


A residential project built to house two or more families in either attached or detached units on a single parcel of property. Each unit must have its own water meter.

Position (relating to Transfers)

A waiting list position (single-family, multi-family, commercial or affordable housing list), or a valid Intent to Serve letter, Connection Permit or active service meter.


Level of water quality which is safe for human consumption.

Retired Parcel

A parcel from which a waiting list position or water meter has been transferred to another location. The retired parcel is permanently restricted from residential development unless it is legally merged with an adjacent parcel.


The act of removing water wasting fixtures and replacing them with water efficient fixtures. Approximately 20 years ago the CCSD implemented a retrofit program to replace plumbing fixtures in existing residences and businesses with water-conserving fixtures such as showerheads and toilets upon change of use or ownership. All new construction is required to meet the State of California and CCSD standards of retrofit. All new construction must offset its proposed water needs through retrofit of existing services. The retrofit requirement is based upon a combination of the square footage of the lot being built upon and the number of bathrooms being built.

Retrofit In-Lieu Fee

A fee paid directly to the District instead of replacing plumbing fixtures in existing structures. This funds large-scale water conservation projects.


A residential project designed to house one family.


The process by which a water position is moved from one location to another.

Waiting List Position

The CCSD maintains a list of water applicants, prioritized by date, who are waiting for the opportunity to build a project. Each waiting list position is preserved by payment of an Annual Wait List Administrative Fee, which is billed in July of each year.

Water Unit

748 gallons or 100 cubic feet of water

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