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A.  For 40 hour per week employees, the following are the eleven standard paid holidays observed by the CCSD:

New Years Day                             Independence Day               Thanksgiving Day

Martin Luther King Day               Labor Day                               Day After Thanksgiving

President’s Day                             Columbus Day                       Christmas Day

Memorial Day                               Veterans Day

In lieu of Lincoln’s Birthday, Admissions Day and the half-day for Christmas Eve/New Year’s Eve, float holiday time shall be provided each employee employed by the CCSD on July 1 of each year, provided the employee was employed continuously by the CCSD on or before the previous January 1st.  Float holiday hours will be accrued on July 1st of each year based on the following chart:

Regular # of hours/dayTotal # of Holiday Hrs./Yr.11 Std Holiday Hours/Yr.July 1st Float Holiday Hours to Accrue
24154Accrue biweeklyAccrue biweekly

Per Section 22 C - regular part-time employees shall receive holiday pay on a pro rata basis.

B. In lieu of time off on holidays, covered employees assigned to a 56-hour workweek shall accrue 5.92 hours of holiday leave per 14-day payroll period for a total of 154 hours per year (based on 110 hours per year times the conversion factor of 1.4).  Such holiday leave may be taken as paid leave in the same manner as vacation leave or CTO, or may be converted to a cash payment at the request of the employee, and the approval of the CCSD. 

C. Unless otherwise provided in this section, for 40-hour per week employees, when a holiday listed herein falls on a covered employee's regular day off, such employee shall be assigned an alternate day off within the payroll period in lieu of the actual holiday.  Unless directed otherwise by the Fire Chief, such alternate day off shall be assigned to the scheduled workday either immediately following, or immediately preceding the affected holiday.

D. Regular part-time employees shall accrue holiday leave on a pro rata basis according to hours worked.

E. Balances in the holiday/float holiday accrual bank existing prior to the first full pay period in June of each year shall automatically be converted to a cash payment before the end of the fiscal year. The employee’s last paycheck in June will include the applicable cash payment unless State or Federal regulations indicate differently. Holiday leave may not be carried over from one fiscal year to the next.

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