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Instream Flow Study Project

Opened - April 21, 2021, Closed - June 1, 2021

The Cambria Community Services District (“CCSD”) is requesting Statements of Qualifications (“SOQ”) and Proposals to develop an Instream Flow Study Plan (IFSP) and execute the study within the Lower San Simeon Creek Watershed.  The main goal of this IFSP shall be to provide a collaborative work plan to guide the collection and analysis of high-quality science that is robust, credible, transparent, and relevant. In addition, the CCSD intends the IFSP to result in a study which satisfies the recommendations stated within the North Coast Area Plan[1].

Proposals are requested from qualified environmental consulting firms for the following tasks:

  • Development of an IFSP for the San Simeon Creek that meets the standards of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (“CDFW”) to identify instream flow criteria.
  • Mobilization of a Technical Advisory Committee (“TAC”) which will ideally consist of qualified staff from California State Parks, California Coastal Commission, CDFW, County of San Luis Obispo, and the Upper Salinas Las Tablas Resource Conservation District.
  • Provide assistance and guidance to CCSD staff in researching and making application to applicable grant and financing opportunities to supplement project budget.
  • Preparation of a technical report summarizing the results of the Instream Flow Study (“IFS”) that will include a monitoring plan for long-term sustainable environmental stewardship.

The IFSP shall be developed in full compliance with the CDFW Instream Flow Program and consistent with the Instream Flow Incremental Methodology. In preparing the IFSP, the Consultant shall review and consider historical documents and data, including but not limited to, previous special species and habitat studies for the study area, the 2017 Subsequent Environmental Impact Report for the Sustainable Water Facility, the CCSD’s Water Master Plan, Title 4 of the CCSD Municipal Code, the 2013 Water Use Efficiency Plan, the most current CCSD Urban Water Management Plan, and other documents and data relevant to the project.

The full request package can be accessed below.

Request for Statement of Qualifications and Proposals - Instream Flow Study (Posted 04/21/2021)

Statement of Qualifications

At minimum, SOQs shall include the following information:

  • Cover Letter
  • Statement of Qualifications
  • Project Understanding and Approach
  • Objections to Consultant Services Agreement


At minimum, proposals shall include the following information:

  • Cover letter
  • Project Understanding and Approach
  • Proposal on Scope of Services
  • Fee Estimates and Rates

Submittal Procedures and Deadline

The Deadline to Submit Statements of Qualifications & Proposals is June 1, 2021.

Statements of Qualifications and Proposals are to be submitted to the CCSD on or before 4:00 p.m. on June 1, 2021 in separate envelopes. Responses to this solicitation received after the stated deadline will not be accepted.

SOQ and Proposal packages are to be submitted to:

Ray Dienzo, Utilities Department Manager/District Engineer
Cambria Community Services District
5500 Heath Lane
Cambria, CA 93428

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For inquiries regarding this solicitation, please contact Melissa Bland, Program Manager, via electronic mail at no later than 4:00 PM one (1) week prior to due date. Inquiries received after that date will be disregarded. Please include the following in the subject line of the email: “Inquiry Re: Instream Flow Study Proposal.” Telephonic inquiries will not be taken.

Anticipated Schedule

RFP Issued4/21/2021
Deadline for Clarifications/Inquiries5/25/2021
Deadline to Submit Statements of Qualification & Proposals6/1/2021
Interviews (if Desired by CCSD)Week of 6/14-6/18 2021
CCSD Selection of Consultant Team6/29/2021
Committee and Board Approvals7/15/2021
Certificate of Insurance & Contract Execution7/22/2021
Notice to Proceed7/26/2021


[1]  North Coast Area Plan Adopted by the SLO County Board of Supervisors 9/22/1980, Resolution 80-350, Revised 10/5/2018; Page 3-27 and 7-29


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