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Request For Information (11-2021-06)

Request for Information Response No. 2

Posted June 14, 2021 at 2:10 pm.

Does exposed piping require epoxy coating?

Yes. Per Specifications Section 402040, 3.07: Coat pipe located above ground and in vaults and structures per Section 099000, System No. 10. Apply prime coat in the shop before transporting pipe to the jobsite. Apply finish coats in the field before installing the pipe, then touch up after installation.

Request for Information Response No. 1

Posted June 9, 2021 at 4:15 pm.

What is the Engineer's Estimate for the project?


What is the maximum load limit on the bridge?

5 tons

What is the number of hangers for each joint of pipe?

One hanger at each vertical web member on the bridge.

How will water discharge be handled?

Land applications can be provided at various CCSD property.

What is the class of ductile iron pipe?

Minimum wall thicknesses for ductile iron pipe having grooved-end joints shall be Special Class 53 per AWWA C151. Class for other pipes are defined in 402040-2.02.

Can the rails on the bridge be cut for easier access? 

The non-structural rails can be cut and replaced but must maintain appearance consistent with the existing rails.

What is the water line distance from main to bridge tie-in?

See the approximate distance in the Plan Set (Page C-101), but it may be adjusted a few feet depending on field conditions.

Please provide staging area map.

See following map.

Aerial map of staging site
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