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Request for Proposal

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The Cambria Community Services District (CCSD) Fire Department is seeking proposals from contractors for CCSD’s annual Fire Hazard Fuel Reduction Program (FHFRP) for 2023.  CCSD has notified approximately two thousand (2,000) parcel owners to abate their property of dried weeds, downed trees or slash. Those parcels that do not comply with the requirements by the July 14, 2023 deadline will be placed on the CCSD’s contract list for abatement by the CCSD contractor. Typically, between fifty (50) and one hundred fifty (150) parcels are placed on the CCSD’s contract list. 

Fire Hazard Fuel Reduction Program Request for Proposal (RFP)FHFRP RFP NoticeExhibit AExhibit BExhibit CExhibit D

Scope of Work

The contractor selected will be required to provide weed abatement services as specified in the attached Exhibit C, entitled “2023 Cambria Fire Department Fire Hazard Fuel Reduction Program Policy – Scope of Services,” according to a schedule described in Exhibit B, “2023 Fire Hazard Fuel Reduction Program Schedule.” 

Proposal Requirements

Bid Proposals must contain the following four (4) completed documents or they will not be considered:

  1. Completed copy of the Bid Proposal Form (Exhibit D)
  2. Provide either a or b as follows:  a) A copy of Fire Wise Defensible Space Field Training certification with the proposal; or b) Ensure that the Cambria Fire Department has a copy of your certification(s) or an equivalent course on file before you submit your bid proposal.
  3. A signed cover letter as defined and stipulated in “Other Requirements” of the RFP; and
  4. A signed statement of qualifications and list of five (5) references, as stipulated in “Other Requirements” of the RFP. 

Required Cost of Proposal, Qualifications and Agreement

Contractors submitting proposals must complete and submit Exhibit D, entitled “2023 Cambria Fire Department Fire Hazard Fuel Reduction Program Bid Proposal Form.” The required information is specified in the form and includes the following:

  1. Types of equipment to be used and the cost of each to the property owner, including operator costs.
  2.  Move equipment onto a lot fee, as described in Exhibit D.
  3. Charges, per yard, for hauling away the debris.
  4. All equipment must be inspected by the Cambria Fire Department for required fire safety items and spark arrestors.
  5. Pictures shall be taken by the Contractor before and after each lot is abated (as directed by the Cambria Fire Department), logged with the lot abatement record and submitted to the Cambria Fire Department. 

Other Requirements

A dated cover letter, signed by a person fully authorized to act on behalf of the CONTRACTOR, must be submitted with the proposal. The letter must indicate that the CONTRACTOR agrees to be bound by the proposal without modifications, unless mutually agreed in writing by the CONTRACTOR and CCSD.  A statement of qualifications and a list of five (5) references must be provided, along with documentation demonstrating the CONTRACTOR’s ability to maintain accurate records.  The selected CONTRACTOR will be required to sign the Fire Hazard Fuel Reduction Agreement with the CCSD and must provide proof of insurance coverage as indicated in Exhibit A, “Legal Relations and Responsibilities to the Public,” prior to commencing any work for the CCSD. The Cambria Community Services District, its officers, Board Members, managers’ and employees must be named as co-insureds or additional insureds.  A “Cash Deposit to Secure Faithful Performance” will also be required (Exhibit E). All equipment must be inspected by the Fire Department to assure that all fire safety standard are met, including operational spark arrestors where required. 

Request for Proposal Deadline

June 1, 2023 at 12:00 p.m., PST.

A complete Proposal may be submitted the following ways:

  1. Email to
  2. Website submission: 
  3. United States Postal Service to Cambria Fire Department, Attention: Justin Vincent, 2850 Burton Drive, Cambria, CA 93428
  4. Deliver to Cambria Fire Department, 2850 Burton Drive, Cambria, CA 93428 
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