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Salary and Benefits Conversion

A. The Multiplier

When a covered employee is transferred from one work schedule to another (e.g. 40-hour to 56-hour average), hourly rates of pay, leave accruals, overtime pay and all other pay and benefits that are affected by an hourly computation shall be converted to the appropriate proportional amount. The conversion factor from a 40-hour week to a 56-hour average week shall be 0.714. The conversion factor from a 56-hour average week to a 40-hour week shall be 1.4.  

B. Modified Duty

When a covered employee is assigned to a modified duty position, due to illness or injury, such assignment shall be on a 40-hour week basis. Such assignment shall occur at the sole discretion of the Fire Chief, and shall only be made when there is sufficient benefit to the CCSD to warrant such assignment.

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